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Child In Speech Therapy

 Speech Therapy

At Play-Works, our pediatric speech and language pathologists focus on your child's verbal and nonverbal communication skills, feeding, and swallowing.

Our knowledgeable and experienced speech and language pathologists will give your child a comprehensive evaluation during your first appointment at Play-Works. By working together with your child's medical professionals and other therapists, we will create an individualized speech and language treatment plan. We will also work closely with you, the parents, and other family members in order to best help your child reach his/her goals

 Speech Specialities Include:

  • Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy helps retrain your oral and facial muscles for optimal oral rest posture of your tongue and lips for good facial development, improved nasal breathing and improved sleep patterns.

  • Tethered oral Tissues Speciality

TOTS training and assessment encompasses specific body and oral facial exercises to prepare the body for pre and post frenectomy to support best possible outcomes including improved development, promotion of body symmetry, and improved oral motor and feeding performance. 

  • Feeding and Swallow Therapy    

Therapy helps to identify and treat oral motor and swallow dysfunction that impacts safety, efficiency, and the joy of eating. This includes assessment and strategies for breast or bottle feeding, transition to solid food, NG or G-tube feeding support and weaning, and limited food variety.​

If your child has a disability or injury that is affecting his/her speech or swallowing, don't hesitate to have them evaluated by our team. Early intervention is often the key to SUCCESS.

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