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Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

Physical Therapy

Our knowledgeable physical therapist at PlayWorks are passionate about promoting independence in our (birth to age 21) patients so that they may be able to participate in and enjoy their daily activities. Our team sees children from infancy all the way through adolescence and we work closely with parents and families as well as any of the child’s doctors, therapists, specialists or teachers. 

We use exercise to strengthen muscles, boost coordination, and improve your child’s overall mobility. With age-appropriate equipment and play-based techniques, we inspire creativity and make movement natural and fun.

Our innovative playground gym has an array of activities to further develop your child’s physical abilities. In our safe and enjoyable environment, children can feel comfortable and excited to learn.

We are here to support you, and we want your child to feel capable and strong. Our pediatric physical therapists celebrate with you over each physical milestone your child makes, however small

Physical Therapy helps with:

  •  Developing skills that will help your child correct any gross motor delays

  •   Increasing strength and overall muscle tone

  •  Correcting any range of motion issues (from hypermobility to stiffness)

  • Teaching correct posture and postural control

  •   Increasing your child’s endurance and stamina for everyday activities

  •   Assisting with abnormal gait - also known as ‘Gait Correction’ or ‘Gait Training’

  •   Addressing any existing musculoskeletal conditions

  •   Developing sensory processing skills

  •   Providing suggestions for adaptations that will allow your child to succeed in everyday activities, such as altering his/her environment, adapting materials used, modifying an activity, peer support, invisible support and adult support

  •   Teaching proper wheelchair positioning and usage guidelines for children as well as parents and other support people

  •   Providing and instructing on the use of support materials such as braces, splints, orthotics and taping


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